23rd February 2021   ❗️SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT’S UPDATED ROUTE MAP OUT OF LOCKDOWN❗️ The First Minister has today provided an update to Parliament on the current lockdown measures and set out details on the updated Strategic Framework. 📄 A further document will be published in March with more details on the reopening of society from late April – the months between now and then are a transition and a gradual but progressive easing of Level 4. 3️⃣ Changes to restrictions between now and April will for now be subject to a minimum 3 week gap but they may be sped up if the data supports this. 📶 Scotland will return to a levels system from the last week of April, with all areas hopefully moving from Level 4 to Level 3, and then to lower levels. 🛡Those shielding are advised to continue following the shielding advice, even if you have received the first dose of the vaccine. From 22 February: 🏫 Schools and early years open for Primary 1-3 pupils and some senior phase pupils. 🏡 Care homes opening to facilitate meaningful contact between relatives and family/friends. From 15 March, unlikely before: 🏫 Second phase of schools reopening. 👨‍🎓 Phased return of small number of priority students for in-person learning. 🏏 Non-contact outdoor sport for 12-17 subject to sport-specific guidance. 👥 Socialising rules eased to allow outdoor meetings of 4 people from 2 households. From 5 April, unlikely before: 🏡 Stay at home requirement removed. 🏫 Third and final phase of schools reopening, if required. ⛪️ Places of worship can open on a restricted basis. 🛍 Essential retail list expanded and click-and-collect resumes for non-essential retail. VACCINATION PROGRAMME As of 8:30am this morning, 1,465,241 people have received their first dose of the vaccine, which includes: ▪️30,218 care home residents (97%) ▪️270,654 people aged 80 or over (exceeding estimated population) ▪️199,163 people aged 75-79 (exceeding estimated population) ▪️245,231 people aged 70-74 (97%) ▪️173,918 people aged 65-69 (82%) ▪️155,944 people classed as clinically extremely vulnerable (87%) 💉 All those on the JCVI list will be offered the first dose of the vaccine by the middle of April. 💉 All of the adult population will be offered the first dose of the vaccine by the end of July.

Please stay at home as much as possible and when out remember FACTS:

😷 F – Face coverings

⛔️ A – Avoid crowded places

🧼 C – Clean hands & surfaces regularly

↔️ T – Two metre distance

🌡 S – Self-isolate and get tested if displaying symptoms